Monday, December 17, 2012

Fantasy Fudge Update

I wrote about Fantasy Fudge in December of 2009 here.

I recently made a pin for it:

So, what I should have said in the previous post
is that cutting the Baker's Semi Sweet Chocolate squares is a real pain in the butt! (It is also pretty messy.) I like to cheat (if you haven't read my other blog posts) in food prep whenever I can. I use  12 ounces (AKA 1 1/2 cups) of Toll House Semi Sweet Morsels instead.

This year I paid special attention to how long it took for my butter, sugar and milk to reach 234 degrees Fahrenheit. It took seventeen minutes, not the four minutes that is given in the directions. Again, if you really want the creamy, smooth texture that you are used to in fudge, get a candy thermometer. You will not regret it. No one likes grainy fudge. 

***I keep thinking of tips for making this. To make cutting the fudge easier, I use a pizza cutter. 

Also, I meant to emphasize: You must stir this constantly (from start to finish.) I highly recommend you measure all your supplies and have them ready to go before you begin. It is really hard to stir and measure at the same time.

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