Sunday, January 24, 2010

For quite a while I have felt a presence while I was out on my patio. I told Brandon my suspicions but he reacted as if I was a loon. I never could prove that I was not alone out there. That is until last night. I saw a blur from the corner of my eye and got that creepy feeling. I continued to read my book. Then, I really laid eyes on something scampering across my patio. My eyes darted to where the form had stopped and after a moment or two a tiny little head with beady little eyes poked out from under the siding. I was so scared that I moved my foot and shouted, "STOP IT!" The head disappeared. But only for about five minutes. My stomach was in knots.

A memory played over in my mind. My Mimaw lived in a very small town while I was growing up. When I visited her I had all the freedom in the world to roam on my bike and have the type of adventures that I loved in solitude. I would take in nature, buy a blue raspberry blowpop every now and then and visit the nursing home. One day I was walking and there was a lot that had some over grown grass and I was so intune with my surroundings that I heard a tiny noise that didn't belong. I had to find the source. It was the smallest, baby mouse I had ever seen. He must have been scared to cry like that. I picked him up and stroked his fur and eventually put him down to join his family. Not a fear in the world had entered my mind. No thought of bubonic plague or rabies. All that was on my mind was comforting this poor little animal. I didn't think of him gaining a pound or two and gaining a very long, scaly tail, morphing into a rat. No, those are the thoughts that entered my sophisticated 28 year old mind.

This was a moment where I had a lecture with my self. I asked, What are you so afraid of? Why now and not then? What has changed since then? I came inside and told Brandon about the not so new guest of our ground floor patio. He laughed at me. He didn't gripe when I swiped one of his fancy pieces of cheese and broke it up in pieces and  took them to the patio to leave for the mouse.   This morning when I woke up all the  cheese was gone. I was pleased.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

This past Sunday Brandon and I had to fly out to Alabama to attend his great-grandmother's funeral. I am  regretful that I was never able to meet Nadine Clements. She lived a very long life and seem to make many friends all along her journey. There were many people that loved her dearly and she seems to have touched many lives through her love and compassion.

It was nice to finally meet some of Brandon's extended family and especially his Mamaw! I have never met a guy that seems to be as close with his grandmother as Brandon. When he would talk on the phone with her I would laugh silently because her accent is so cute. Before I ever saw a picture of her, I imagined she would look like my Grandma Karm had. Short, pleasantly plump and white haired. I was way off. Brandon's Mamaw is petite,thin but shapely and pretty stylish with brown hair. She is a beauty.

I wish that I could have made my first trip to Alabama under better circumstances, but the experience was overall pretty good. I will say that my New Year's resolution was very tested through the short trip, but I tried to get out of my self imposed box and go with the flow. It was tough, but at least I tried!

Nadine Granade Elmore Clements
October 3, 1906 - January 8, 2010

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Peanut Butter Krispies

Over the holidays my mom made these treats because she knew they are yummy and easy to make. Before leaving my Mimaw's house on Christmas day I packed a few bags of cookies along with these treats. Brandon gobbled up most of those and then asked about the "peanut butter things." I hadn't tried them yet and he said he would like the recipe. My mom had left for Vegas so I called up my Grandma Virginia. (Mom had gotten the recipe from her.) I'm glad I did. The ingredients cost less than $10 and making these yummy morsels is a snap!

1C sugar
1/2 C white Karo syrup
1/4 C honey

Stir in a pot and bring to a boil. Remove from heat immediately.

Stir in 16oz crunchy peanut butter.

Mix together with 4 large cups of Cocoa Krispies. (Might be best to have those measured and on stand-by before you begin.)

Drop by spoonful to form balls on cookie sheet and let cool.