Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

The Holiday season is usually a time that we reflect on the past year and I have to say that 2010 has been a great year that is really going out with a bang!

Yesterday was an amazing day. My family went to a candle light service that was awe inspiring. It was really incredible and a great way to kick off our Christmas celebrations. We had a wonderful time there together with so many strangers that wanted to keep the reason for Christmas at the focus. I hope that this will be a family tradition for many years to come.

After church we went to see Little Fockers and had some laughs together. My mom loves all the movies in this series so she was so happy to get to see this one. Afterwards we headed to Grandma Mary Anne's  to open gifts, play Fact or Crap and of course to stuff our faces. We had so much fun and so many laughs together. We always have a great time when Grandma Mary Anne hosts a party. She really knows how to throw a party! I am so very happy that Grandma Mary Anne Has move to Texas from Kentucky and I feel that our family is much more rich because she is here with us. She is a blessing!

I am so happy to have been able to spend time with my family on such a special occasion. I feel fortunate that we have our health and happiness with each other. I am so excited about 2011. I have a new job, a home closer to my closest friends and family,  I will have more opportunities to spend with them this year as well because of my new job. I can not believe the good fortune that has been spilling over in my life. I am incredibly grateful for all the blessings in my life and am so excited about the year to come!

I hope everyone will have a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!