Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bacon, Egg & Cheese Ring

If I had a favorite pin, based on the amount of times I have used it, it would be this one:

I can't even tell you how many times I have made this. I do remember the very first time I made this was on a Saturday and we were so impressed with it, that I made it again on Sunday. I love this recipe because on a weekend morning I may have time to make a complex recipe, but that does not meant I want to spend an hour or two in the kitchen.

I have a horrible habit of dirtying every spoon, measuring cup and as many bowls as possible with the more complicated recipes. With this one I only have minimal mess. (A dirty spoon, a dirty bowl, a dirty pan, a dirty whisk. Dream come true in my book.)

If you follow the links, you will see variations. Personally, I like to crumble my pre-cooked bacon. (I really can't tell a difference in this recipe between pre-cooked bacon and cooking it myself. I mean, unless you count the fact that my home doesn't stink for a few days after making bacon which is kind of a big deal to me. Plus, have you noticed, along with Rotisserie Chicken, you seem to pay less or around the same for pre-cooked or raw bacon. Thank you grocery store for doing the hard work for me!) The only other difference in how I make this recipe is that I choose to use mild cheddar only because that is what my hubby likes.

For my scrambled eggs I have taken to loosely following this recipe:

You can't go wrong with a Paula Deen Recipe, right? (I love her, y'all! I hope you read that in your best Paula Deen voice.) I like to use Chobani Non-Fat Plain Greek Yogurt as a substitute for the sour cream. If you have never tasted it, it basically has the same texture, smell and flavor of sour cream, but so many more health benefits. It is definitely a staple in our house and even though it is more expensive than a lot of Greek yogurts out there, I think it is worth it.

The inspiration for this post was my amazing husband. He let me sleep in today and when I got up I found him at our home computer looking at my blog. He was trying to find the recipe for the Bacon and Egg Cheese Ring because he noticed we had enough ingredients to make it again. (Did I mention I made this for breakfast yesterday???) Let me tell you, if this recipe is good enough to make your husband search the internet so that HE can make it, without you asking him to, you know this is a treasure among recipes!

One other tip, before I go: When you are looking at the choices for croissants, you might want to go the cheap route and buy the store brand. I have done it. I will tell you that everything worked out perfectly fine. I will also tell you that if you go ahead and spend a little bit more on the Pillsbury Crescent Rolls, you will get what you pay for. I personally love the Big & Buttery kind. If you go with these add some time to the recipe so that your ring will not come out doughy. They are bigger so they need more time. I would say five to ten minutes.

This is the masterpiece my husband made today, that inspired this blog post. (Yes, we like to cut it with a pizza slicer.) If you make this recipe be sure to come back and tell me in the comments!

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