Friday, September 21, 2012

Crock Pot Chicken and Noodle Soup

I love Pinterest! When I think of life before Pinterest I could almost break out in hives. In a social setting I am the person talking about something I saw on Pinterest. My husband finds it super annoying. I am sure it doesn't help that quite frequently, I tell him he should thank God for Pinterest. At first he asked me why. I explained that all these great tasty morsels  coming from the kitchen were Pinterest treasures.

When I pin recipes I sometimes become skeptical. Will this really be the most awesome recipe for baked chicken? Will theses cupcakes live up to the hype?  All these questions in my mind have spawned the new subject matter here at Trivial Tiffairs. That and the fact that when I post pictures of my yummy Pinterest meals and desserts people want the recipes. I don't blame them! Not only will this be a space for the original pins, but I also plan to critique what I have already made so that you might be able to avoid a sub-par recipe or idea.

I am especially excited to to take y'all on my journey with home-made cleaning supplies and DIY beauty remedies. I don't want to get ahead of myself though. To kick things off I want to give you all my review of Crock Pot Chicken and Noodle Soup.

I did not change much on this recipe. I love a good chunky soup so I did not finely chop any of the vegetables. I added a little more broth than was called for so that  I could finish off the full box that I had opened. When I was shopping I learned that the 2 pound box is one cup more than the recipe calls for so if you don't want to dirty up another measuring cup you could safely say one box is good. I wasn't sure if I should drain the corn or not, but I did. If you have a large Crock Pot I would say go ahead and add the can of corn without draining it.

As for the chicken, I used a whole rotisserie chicken. (De-boned of course.) There are a few reasons for this. One: I love to cut a corner if I can. Boiling a whole chickin is time consuming and it takes a certain mount of attention as well. I have a very deep pot specifically purchased for boiling chicken, but I am a working woman and I don't usually want to spend three to four hours babying a boiling pot. Two: have you noticed you can buy a rotisserie chicken cheaper than an raw, whole chicken? I find this fact to be one of the great mysterires of the world, but if the grocery store wants to cook my chicken and charge me less for it, I am not going to argue the point. The final reason I chose a rotisserie chicken: Canned chicken grosses me out. I have used it and for certain recipes I will use it again, but I could not fathom using canned chicken for this recipe.

In the interest of dirtying up less measuring cups I also added the whole eight ounce bag of egg noodles to my Crock Pot. I wanted lots and lots of noodles. If you are reading this and wondering how things turned out. Let me tell you! Holy Geez, it was amazing! So freaking good. I have tried fancy pants recipes for chicken noodle soup and truthfully fancy does not always make a meal better. I have been slightly under the weather this week and this chicken noodle soup was just what the doctor ordered. I would give this five out of five stars. Nothing about this recipe is very hard to pull off. I had my Crock Pot on low all day while I was at work (Much more than five to six hours.) and that did not seem to affect the soup adversely.

Fall will officially be here tomorrow so I know you are probably tempted to make this one soon! You will not regret it. This soup would be perfect for freezing if you have a lot more than you want to eat in one week. I promise it will beat a can of condensed chicken noodle any day!

I wish you could taste this through the screen! (Please don't judge my 80's hand me down Crock Pot. It is awesome.)

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