Sunday, January 24, 2010

For quite a while I have felt a presence while I was out on my patio. I told Brandon my suspicions but he reacted as if I was a loon. I never could prove that I was not alone out there. That is until last night. I saw a blur from the corner of my eye and got that creepy feeling. I continued to read my book. Then, I really laid eyes on something scampering across my patio. My eyes darted to where the form had stopped and after a moment or two a tiny little head with beady little eyes poked out from under the siding. I was so scared that I moved my foot and shouted, "STOP IT!" The head disappeared. But only for about five minutes. My stomach was in knots.

A memory played over in my mind. My Mimaw lived in a very small town while I was growing up. When I visited her I had all the freedom in the world to roam on my bike and have the type of adventures that I loved in solitude. I would take in nature, buy a blue raspberry blowpop every now and then and visit the nursing home. One day I was walking and there was a lot that had some over grown grass and I was so intune with my surroundings that I heard a tiny noise that didn't belong. I had to find the source. It was the smallest, baby mouse I had ever seen. He must have been scared to cry like that. I picked him up and stroked his fur and eventually put him down to join his family. Not a fear in the world had entered my mind. No thought of bubonic plague or rabies. All that was on my mind was comforting this poor little animal. I didn't think of him gaining a pound or two and gaining a very long, scaly tail, morphing into a rat. No, those are the thoughts that entered my sophisticated 28 year old mind.

This was a moment where I had a lecture with my self. I asked, What are you so afraid of? Why now and not then? What has changed since then? I came inside and told Brandon about the not so new guest of our ground floor patio. He laughed at me. He didn't gripe when I swiped one of his fancy pieces of cheese and broke it up in pieces and  took them to the patio to leave for the mouse.   This morning when I woke up all the  cheese was gone. I was pleased.

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Autumn Storm said...

I loved the post, but cannot contain or change the squirming :-D