Wednesday, January 13, 2010

This past Sunday Brandon and I had to fly out to Alabama to attend his great-grandmother's funeral. I am  regretful that I was never able to meet Nadine Clements. She lived a very long life and seem to make many friends all along her journey. There were many people that loved her dearly and she seems to have touched many lives through her love and compassion.

It was nice to finally meet some of Brandon's extended family and especially his Mamaw! I have never met a guy that seems to be as close with his grandmother as Brandon. When he would talk on the phone with her I would laugh silently because her accent is so cute. Before I ever saw a picture of her, I imagined she would look like my Grandma Karm had. Short, pleasantly plump and white haired. I was way off. Brandon's Mamaw is petite,thin but shapely and pretty stylish with brown hair. She is a beauty.

I wish that I could have made my first trip to Alabama under better circumstances, but the experience was overall pretty good. I will say that my New Year's resolution was very tested through the short trip, but I tried to get out of my self imposed box and go with the flow. It was tough, but at least I tried!

Nadine Granade Elmore Clements
October 3, 1906 - January 8, 2010


Autumn Storm said...

Beautiful first paragraph - may we all hope to inspire similar thoughts in those we leave behind.

Autumn Storm said...

PS A man who is close to his grandmother, not that you didn't know this already for a million other reasons, is definitely a keeper. Sweet picture.