Saturday, October 13, 2012

At Home Manicure Tips. This one is a twofer!

I do my nails at home, usually about once a week. Before I found this pin:

I was using about 20 cotton pads (or more. No lie.) every time I took my polish off.  Once I tried this trick I was amazed and very pleased because cotton balls a way cheaper than the pads and I love to save time and elbow grease when I can!

Last week I pinned this gem:

And I have to tell you all that I am amazed. Before I would feel paranoid for hours when letting my nails dry. I had tried the icy water trick but it was uncomfortable and I didn't have much luck. Today I use a gloopy polish that was very streaky. To hide the streaky nature I added sparkly polish on top. If you count my base coat and top coat I ended up with about 6 coats. I felt like this was a great way to test the Pam pin. I did not have much expectation but when I washed the Pam off, my nails were not tacky and were hard to the touch. This tip is amazing! Whoever thought to spray Pam on their nails and then tell the Internet is my beauty hero!

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