Sunday, November 04, 2012

Slutty Brownies...

This is one of those recipes that everyone should have in their pocket. I heard Jessica Simpson talk about something similar on a late night talk show. Basically everything is the same except she used Oreos instead of peanut butter cups. You could do that if you want. So often when I run across a particular pin on Pinterest I feel dumb for never having thought of that... whatever that may be. In this case, enter the Slutty Brownie.

Unfortunately this pin is the kind of pin I am not very fond of. There is no meat. The jump simply takes you to an image. I like a little back story to my pin, maybe an introduction to a blog I might peruse. You aren't gonna get that on this one. It's fine though. Slutty Brownies don't have time for that!

The beauty of the Slutty Brownie is that they are so easy! Hee Hee! Total count on ingredients is five! You will need: refrigerated  chocolate chip cookie dough, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and a box of brownie mix. That is three, I know, but to make the brownies you need eggs and oil as well. I made the full size version as described in the description of the pin, but afterward I thought a mini version would be better for portion control and because these are so rich that a little goes a long way.

For my mini version I use the Toll House Mini Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough , Mini Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and usually a brownie mix with walnuts. That doesn't mean you have to do the same though. I think you could go crazy with all sorts of different variations of this recipe. (And if you choose that route, please comment me your modifications and results!)

I like to prep my pan with Baker's Joy even though it is a non-stick pan. (That is why there are white flecks on my pan in the picture below.) 

I also tend to over fill my muffin cups, (that just sounds slutty.) resulting in the outcome below:

Overflowing Slutty Brownies. What more would you expect? Slutty Brownies don't take up a lot of your time, they don't require a long term commitment and everyone who has tried one never complains! They only dirty up one mixing bowl, a whisk and a measuring cup. Low maintenance!

These are great when you get a short notice house guest or party where you need to supply a dessert. If you choose to take these to a church function you might spend more time thinking of an alternate name than you will making them!

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