Friday, March 16, 2012

On the agenda this weekend.

Dinner will be a rotisserie chicken and "better than potatoes" cheesy cauliflower. You have no idea how excited the thought of this cauliflower makes me. I haven't had much pasta or potatoes in the last 3 months. Or even much bread for that matter. The perfection of the picture that I saw on Pinterest is what really sold me.

Tomorrow morning I will see if Hayden wants to "help" me make breakfast. Hayden is at this age where he loves to learn and he loves to try to help me around our home. I love that and hope to help foster this aspect of his personality. He seems to really enjoy the time that we spend in the kitchen. He learns about math, patience and following directions, step-by-step. I think these strawberry cream cheese croissants are going to melt in our mouth but still be simple enough for us to whip up in a reasonable time. Something to wake up excited about never hurts.

For the next item I am torn. Should we have these for dessert tonight? Or a as a special St. Patrick's Day treat? I am thinking the latter. I am super stoked to try a Shamrock Shake. I have never had one and I am thinking that home-made, using Bluebell Mint Chocolate Chip ice-cream will be so much better than a drive-thru version. I will admit I am not making that Peppermint Whipped Cream and there is a very good reason : I have a  strong affinity for Reddi Wip and any excuse to buy it. I don't buy it often, but when I do, I have been known to spray it directly in my mouth. You have no idea how fun this is unless you have done it. If you have not... do not judge me.

I hope every one has a happy weekend. Don't forget to wear green (my favorite color) tomorrow and do not drive if you drink!

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